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Marriage Intensive


One Weekend Can Change Your Life and Relationship


3-Day Private Intensive Schedule

Marriage Intensivs have been found to be the most effective way to heal and restore a couple’s marriage. Many couples coming into a Marriage Intensive are hurting, discouraged and have lost hope. Marriage Intensives are specifically designed for couples in crisis to rebuild trust and restore their love for one another.


We provide a safe, accepting and nurturing space to begin the work of identifying root causes of your marital distress. We assess the dynamics and issues and develop a comprehensive customized treatment plan for each of you as individuals and as a couple. You will learn how to deepen your connection, increase communication through empathy and listening, and understand and value your differences. You will also learn to resolve conflicts, restore trust, change dynamics and patterns, reduce blame, and move through impasses and gridlocks.


During an intensive, couples are usually able to resolve 85% to 95% of their hurts and learn how to handle similar situations in the future. By the end of the intensive couples are equipped to return home with valuable insight, powerful tools and researched proven techniques and principles to apply in their daily lives.


Marriage Intensives are ideal for the busy professional who would rather get down to the root quickly rather than take several months for local one hour a week counseling. Marriage Intensives allow couples to escape the distractions of work, children, computer, cell phones, etc. so that spouses can give their undivided attention to each other and to healing their marriage. This time is also extremely helpful for couples who may be on the verge of separation or divorce or in severe pain. Often couples want to give the marriage one last try before making any decisions.



Relationships can be challenging and even painful at times. Relationships suffer when there’s too much conflict, fighting, and resentment – and sometimes the walls go up with emotional and physical distance. The powerful feelings we experience in distressed relationships are universal. We may react with blame, anger and shutting down. Then our spouse or partner reacts to the anger and distance, and this creates a relationship “dance”. A dance that is all too familiar. The specific problem areas that we address in our retreats and workshops include:


  • Conflict, power struggles, and angry escalations
  • Patterns of complaining, blaming, and defensive reactions
  • Shutting down, distancing, and lack of communication
  • Emotional and physical disconnection – the “emotional divorce”
  • Intimacy and sexual problems
  • Infidelity and affairs (including problems like “sexual addiction”)
  • Trust issues, insecurities, feelings of betrayal

All Private Couples Retreats include the following individually designed components:

Couple Assessment – The couple describe their relationship history, how and when problems emerged. Specific problem areas are identified, discussed and explored. Each partner describes their view of the relationship and specific problems. During this discussion, relationship patterns are revealed and identified. Underlying feelings and needs are discussed. Couples complete questionnaires which are discussed and reviewed.


Individual Sessions – Private session with each partner to review personal and family history. These sessions also help counselors to deepen their understanding of each partner. Review and Feedback – After the individual sessions, we review and discuss problem areas relationship patterns. The goal of this session is to make sure we’re all on the same page – we agree on the specific, unique goals for each couple, and we reach agreement on the way we see the problems and the relationship patterns.


Coaching and Exercises – Relationship coaching actually begins during the assessment stage. Hasasni provide’s ongoing feedback, and guide couples toward a deeper understanding and expression of feelings, beliefs, and needs. The most intense aspects of the coaching process occur on Saturday. Exercises are used to help couples explore each other’s attachment (relationship) style, emotional reactions and needs. Couples are guided to practice emotionally corrective conversations (a deeper level of emotional expression, active listening, and responding to each other with empathy and compassion). Other exercises include communication tools, methods for fighting fair, creating new solutions, and loving touch, affection and connection.


Creating the New Relationship – Each couple creates a description – a written narrative – for the “new” relationship they develop as a result of this program. This narrative includes a history of the relationship, how and why problems developed, and a description of their healing process, their new, loving and supportive relationship dance, and their new approach to partnership and problem-solving.

“”My husband and I are doing fantastic!! And I am not exaggerating. We have reached a great place in our marriage. I am so thankful that we stuck it out and sought you out as a counselor. We fight less, have short recovery time, and have so many great and enjoyable moments together. I am amazed that we are at such a great place in our relationship. We are so thankful because it hasn’t always been like this. We have had to fight to get here, and I am so glad we did!”

– feedback from an intensive couple

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What are some common indicators for enrolling in the Couples Academy Marriage Intensive?
(If one or more of the following statements apply to you, we recommend that you consider the Intensive.)

  • I often feel angry, resentful, embarrassed or depressed.
  • My partner and I are unemotional and disconnected from each other.
  • My partner and Iexperience the constant threat of divorce.
  • The pain of infidelity has struck our relationship.
  • We are in constant conflict regarding both major and minor issues.
  • There are major trust issues in our marriage that we cannot overcome.
  • We have lost our physical intimacy in the marriage.
  • My partner and I have grown apart and share very little in common.
  • Our confrontations have gotten physical and I no longer feel safe.
  • I’ve lost my identity and the ability to truly express myself in the relationship.
  • There are inappropriate relationships that are maintain with opposite-sex friends that put the marriage at risk.
  • We have major conflict over finances.
  • I see myself passing my own suffering on to my children.

The Couples Academy Marriage Intensive is not intended to be a substitute for counseling. Many people have reported the Intensive to be an important adjunct to their counseling experience. The Intensive is designed as a comprehensive coaching program that provides the necessary knowledge, tools and skill sets to restore and transform your marriage. One 3-day intensive is equivalent to 4 months of counseling.

Through the Intensive Process, you will come to know yourself emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and relationally as never before. The Intensive offers deep and rapid resolution of relationship issues and enables you to come to terms with life as it is. You can recover the love, understanding, and passionyou once had, and emerge as a renewed powerful and fulfilledcouple.

The Marriage Intensive is conducted as a 3-daycomprehensive program. Each day begins with breakfast at 7:30 AM and ends at approximately 10 PM. The days are full and structured with group and individual sessions, couples connect (structured assignments are given), and ample time for breakfast, lunch and dinner.We strongly recommend that you spend the two days following the Intensive as time for personal reflection and implementation.

Hasani Pettiford is the primary coach. He provides instruction and personalized individual guidance to ensure that each partner progresses successfully through the Intensive and learns tools for ongoing development. The Intensive is designed to be a safe and supportive environment. We combine the best of individual and couple work to support your relational journey, which is the core of the work.

Is the Couples Academy Marriage Intensive anonymous?

Your safety and integrity is of the upmost importance to us. All participants are asked to sign confidentiality agreements on arrival and all details are kept completely confidential.

Clothing: comfortable, casual, loose; enough for 3 days (no washer/dryer); some exercise clothing; one outfit for a casual festive occasion; jackets/sweaters for evening. During late fall/winter, bring warm clothes, an umbrella, and rubber-soled shoes (as the season dictates).
Listening device: You will be given mp3 recordings on it for your use throughout the 3 days and during the post-Process weekend. Bring aphone and headphones to use during the week of your Intensive.Other items: Alarm clock. If you normally write on a laptop or tablet device, you are welcome to bring it for the writing assignments during the week of the Intensive; the writing is for your personal use and you will not need a printer.

Participants are required to refrain from alcoholic beverages and non-prescription mood altering drugs. During the Intensive we ask you to fully focus on the work at hand. Plan not to make or receive calls or emails. Of course, if an urgent need arises on either end, you can reach your family member or they can reach you through Couples Academy.

Tuition for the Couples Academy Marriage Intensive is $3,500. A $500 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required to reserve your space. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express,money orders as well as personal checks. Couples normally schedule an intensive on an “as needed basis” and dates are typically secured within 14 days of the initial call.

Couples Academy offers a payment plan on an as-needed and as-available basis. The plan requires that 50% of the total tuition (including the $500 non-transferable, non-refundable deposit) and a nominal processing fee, be paid before the start of the course. The remaining 50% can be paid over a 3-month period following completion of the course.The course is $3500. The investment includes the counseling, course work, lodging and breakfast meals. A deposit of $1801 is required which consists of a 50% deposit of $1750 and a 2.9% processing fee of $51. The remaining balance of $1750 is divided into 3 easy payments of $583 paid monthly or within 90 days. You will also 3 individual After-Care Session beginning the following week after the Intensive. Once the After-Care is completed you and your partner can then decide whether to resume normal weekly sessions at the normal rate of $125 per session.

Where is the Marriage Intensive held?

The Marriage Intensive is held at our Country Club of the South Villa in Johns Creek, Georgia and in Houston, Texas. Both sites are pristine, private, and surrounded by acres of beautiful golf courses.. Each is a place where you can relax and trust that your needs are taken care of, ensuring that you can focus on your personal and relational recovery.

There are two options when considering the location of your private marriage intensive. A) Couples can travel to our relationship center in the Greater Atlanta Georgia area. B) If travel costs, workschedules or child-care issues prevent you from attending, our senior marriage coach with travel to your state to conduct the intensive. A $375 travel stipend is required (which covers the cost of flight and ground transportation).

Once you secure a date, you will be provided with all of the necessary paperwork to get started. Once complete, we will schedule a 90-minute Pre-Intensive Skype session. The virtual meeting will provide an opportunity for both you, your partner and the coach to discuss specific relationship issues and set goals and objectives for the 3-day Intensive.

After the Intensive, you will receive 14-days of complimentary Crisis Coaching. Once you return home you may need help properly implementing the information you received. The two-week adjustment period allows you to contact your coach via phone, text, email and Skype on an ‘as-needed’ basis. You and your partner have the ability to ask any question and deal with any issue.Once the two weeks have concluded it is frequently necessary for couples to continue their work with a coach/counselor on an ongoing basis in order to consolidate the gains they have made during the Couples Academy Private Marriage Intensive weekend. All sessions are conducted via Skype or tele-conference call at a rate of $125 per 60 minute session.


We prefer payment by check, but credit cards are accepted. Half of the fee is due after scheduling, the balance is due ten days before the intensive begins. Cancellations are charged a $250 administration fee.

  • 3 Day Intensive
    • ⇒ 2 Night Stay
    • ⇒ Breakfast Meals
    • ⇒ Course Work
    • ⇒ 2 After Care Sessions (Skype)


  • 6 Day Intensive
    You Pick The Dates
    • ⇒ 5 Night Stay
    • ⇒ Breakfast Meals
    • ⇒ Course Work
    • ⇒ 4 After Care Sessions (Skype)




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