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Couples Retreat

Retreats have been found to be the most effective way to heal and restore a couple’s marriage. Many couples who attend retreats are hurting, discouraged and have lost hope. Retreats are specifically designed for couples in crisis to rebuild trust and restore their love for one another.

We provide a safe, accepting and nurturing space to begin the work of identifying root causes of your marital distress. We assess the dynamics and issues and develop a comprehensive plan for each of you as individuals and as a couple. You will learn how to deepen your connection, increase communication through empathy and listening, and understand and value your differences. You will also learn to resolve conflicts, restore trust, change dynamics and patterns, reduce blame, and move through impasses and gridlocks.

About Couples Academy

Living out the principles they teach within their own marriage, Hasani and Danielle created Couples Academy, a relationship-based learning institute committed to placing couples on the path to fulfillment. Hasani Pettiford is a celebrity marriage coach who has spent 17 years working with high profile clients, entertainers, professional athletes, Hollywood and corporate execs, small business owners and professionals.

Collectively, Hasani and Danielle have privately worked with couples throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Latin America, Caribbean, the Middle East and Africa. Their private and group intensives, retreats, coaching programs and weekly counseling sessions are making an impact globally.

Their expert advice has been sought after by national networks including NBC, TLC, CW Network, BET, TV-One, TBN, and WSJ, Hasani and Danielle Pettiford have been happily married for 12 years and have four beautiful girls.

Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort

Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort in Fernandina Beach (Amelia Island) is a 4-star resort with amazing villas, a sprawling golf course, swimming pools and a tranquil spa. The resort boasts an incredible 9 restaurants, coffee shops and 24-hour room service. It is the perfect location for a weekend getaway to remove yourself from all of the distractions and reconnect with your partner.





Meet our most valued speakes


Marriage Coach

Hasani Pettiford is a celebrity marriage coach who has spent 17 years working with high profile, clients, entertainers, professional athletes, Hollywood and corporate execs, small business owners, and professionals.


Marriage Coach

With over 16 years of sales, marketing, training and business development experience, Danielle Pettiford works with small business owners, coaches, and consultants to implements digital strategies that generate revenue and expand brand recognition.

Retreat Schedule

The Couples Retreat schedule is always subject to change in regards to session times and topics. Course materials will be provided for all meetings. In additional to the traditional teaching workshop model, experiential learning in small group settings should be expected.

Hotel Check-in | 3:00 pm

Amelia Island Plantation: 39 Beach Lagoon Rd, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

Breakthrough Communication | 7:00 pm

This session will teach you how to effectively communicate with your spouse. You will learn the 3 essential keys to communication, effectively listening, overcoming issue-avoidance, openness and honesty, intimate conversation and resolving conflict through the power of marital negotiation.

Meeting Your Spouse's Emotional Needs | 9:00am

Couples get married because they fall in love. Likewise, most get divorced because they fall out of love. This session will teach you how to fall in love and stay in love by identifying the top ten emotional needs of men and women. When you become a student of your spouse, you learn how your spouse needs to be loved.

How To Have A Sex-cessful Marriage | 11:00am

Sex is a gift given by God. However, it remains a major source of contention among couples. This session will teach you the true purpose for sex, the 5 marital sex patterns, the sexual needs of men and women, and how to bring love and passion back into your marriage.

Healing The Hurt In Your Marriage | 7:00 pm

Countless couples have been negatively impacted by the pain of betrayal, broken promises, and hurtful words and behaviors that have destroyed the foundation of their marriage. This session will reveal how to heal a hurting marriage, forgive, restore trust and build a promising future together.

The Marriage Mastermind | 11:00 am

Marriage is God’s secret weapon for Kindom domination in the earth. When couples overcome their power struggles they position themselves to be power couples. This session will teach you the true purpose of marriage and how to use your collective brilliance to manifest.

Retreat Pricing

Lodging is separate. Contact the hotel to reserve your villa suite by 9/1/17. Reservations made after 9/1/17 will be subject to the hotel’s availability.

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what people say

We learned so many valuable tools to help FIREPROOF our marriage and become the power couple that God ordained us to be! Hasani and Danielle are truly a blessing and have equipped us to help others build a strong foundation.
After 6 years of marriage we thought we worked out all the kinks. Couples Academy gave us the tools to make our marriage more enjoyable. It’s like e have a secret recipe for marriage magic. We love Couples Academy.
God’s favor is what brought us to the Couples Academy. Couples Academy is single-handedly responsible for changing how we approach, receive and respect ourselves as individuals and as a couple. We are forever grateful for the program.
Ira And Janell Smith, Los Angeles

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