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A Message From Hasani Pettiford


You are here because you have a desire to enhance the quality of your relationship in a significant way. We are committed to helping you accomplish that goal. The most important ingredients needed to create the relationship you want are desire, knowledge, skill and its’ proper application.


Take the time to view and read the testimonials of our past and existing clients below. Let their personal stories inspire you to take the next step in your personal and relational recovery process.

Marcus & Nicole Brown, Married 6 Years
Grant & Jennifer Harris, Married 10 Years
Franko & Tessa Mata, Married 14 Years
Ira & Jannel Inez
Keon & Jennifer Jones
Myron & Tamiko Brown
Cornel & Tracy Casey
Paul & Magaline Harvey
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Life Changing, Empowering and on the move is how I would describe Couples Academy. Hasani and Danielle Pettiford are one of the truly gifted couples I know that can help to restore marriages. They were a blessing to my husband and I when we faced hardship and marital challenges. There was one point when our thoughts and our actions towards each other did not resemble happy newlywed status and was on the verge of possible disaster. Hasani and Danielle stepped in as catalyst in our lives and did what they did best. They took charge with care, concern, and good counseling. It only took one session and my husband and I were back on track. Amazing could not even describe how we both felt after working with the Couples Academy. All I can say is “Get on board”.

Mario & Candra Gibson, Miami

WOW!!! What an awesome weekend my wife and I experienced at the Couples Academy Retreat! We learned so many valuable tools to help FIREPROOF our marriage and become the power couple that God ordained for us to be! Hasani and Danielle powerfully taught great principles and gave us tools and assignments that caused us to reconnect with each other and communicate in healthy ways. The activities helped reveal to us the strengths and areas of opportunity in our marriage and worked hand in hand with the lessons. We are looking forward to the future couples retreat with Couples Academy! Thanks again for a wonderful, life and marriage-transforming weekend.

Demon & Jasmine Mason, Atlanta



After 6 years of marriage we thought that we worked out all of the kinks and because we were still smiling and functioning that everything was near perfect. Couples Academy gave us the tools to make our marriage more enjoyable. It feels alive and not routine. We feel torn, do we share what we’ve learned with others, or are we spoiling whatever couples need to experience for themselves? It’s like we have a secret recipe for marriage magic. This was the best investment we’ve ever made in our marriage, and we will continue to put money in our marriage stock because, thanks to Couples Academy, our value is soaring. Thank you for a life-changing weekend, we wish it were longer!

Chris & Keisha Johnson, Atlanta

We believe everyone knows when tehir relationship is in need of a reinvention; however finding the courage to get help is what’s difficult. We feel so blessed to have had the courage to let someone from the outside inside of our world. God’s favor is what brought Hasani into our marriage and it has been forever changed. In the past together we have overcome our issues which seemed great at the time but those same issues would reoccur. With Hasani we have conquered our issues. Couples Academy is single handedly responsible for changing how we approach, receive and respect ourselves as individuals and as a couple. We are forever grateful for the program.

Ira and Janell Smitt, Los Angeles



Hasani Pettiford and the Couples Academy came into my life at a time when I was feeling overwhlemed and lost. I knew my marriage had issues but I also felt I needed help to fulfill my potential and be happy with who I was. I had tried therapy before on my own and with my husband but I was always short term solutions and we never really connected to that mode of help. I literally remember praying for something that could help us get out of our cycle of extreme ups and downs. And honestly speaking Hasani was our godsend. I am a more confident me and my marriage is a happy thriving relationship. We have an amazing support in Hasani who we continue to meet with for mentoring and coaching in all aspects of our life. We are grateful for him.

Shane and Jodi Dennie, Toronto, Canada

Couples Academy is truly unique in that the teachings are practical, spiritual and wholly genuine. Hasani and Danielle counsel with compassion and prove that cultivating love in marriage is not a complicated as it seems. The intimacy between Sandra and I has not only gown, but we have the tools to continue the process of failing in love with each other daily. We appreciate you and we love you guys.

Matthew and Sandra Abalos, Puebla, Mexico



Earlier this year we have the privilege of having Hasani and Danielle Pettiford of Couples Academy travel all the way here to Antigua for our Marriage Retreat. We were amazed at passion and the wealth of information they offered. We’ve always had a great marriage but the weekend experience our marriage has been extraordinary. The other couples continue to testify about how their marriages have been trasnfromed since the group intensive. We look forward to having Couples Academy back in Antigua in the near future.

James and Roxanne Richards, St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda

Getting married was a big step for me and I wanted to know that I was prepared for my life to change. I wanted to know how to effectively communicate, meet each others others emotional needs and fulfill each other sexually. i wanted to make sure that we were doing things the right way so I sought out Couples Academy online. The information and persective was new to us and very enlightening. They have helped us get through some tough circumstances. We now have a great foundation for a life long union.

Abdul and Mehak Aziz, Dubai, United Arab Emirates