HELP! My Mouth Is Killing My Marriage!

Have you allowed your tongue to put your marriage on life support? Maybe you are a Verbal Assassin. Has your mouth gotten you in trouble? Is it killing your marriage? Do you keep saying the wrong things at the wrong time? Does your tongue kill instead of heal? Well, maybe you are guilty of being […]

A Workplace Affair And Online INFIDELITY

Workplace romances are destroying more marriages than ever. Identify the traps and avoid them. The workplace has recently become the latest hotspot for infidelity. It has transformed into a sexy place. With more women obtaining positions in ‘Corporate America’ in record numbers, more men and women have been placed in direct contact with one another on a […]

Honor: The Master Key For A Healthy Relationship

If you want to have a totally fulfilling relationship with your partner discover the art of honor. If I had to receive a report card to assess my performance as a husband in the early years of my marriage, I would be considered an underachiever. Like most men, I had absolutely no clue what it took […]