How To Survive The Social Shame Of Infidelity

Affairs stir up a lot of different emotions in people. Shame is often an underestimated yet powerful feeling after dealing with infidelity. Whether you cheated on your partner or you were the one hurt, knowing that your marriage has been compromised by infidelity can leave you feeling humiliated and overwhelmed. How do you cope with […]

Recovering From An Affair

Working through an affair is rough. It involves more than learning how to get over cheating. Affair recovery is a long winding road sometimes walked in the dark alone. There is no doubt that finding out your spouse cheated on you is devastating. The hurt caused by this betrayal is isolating and volatile. One minute, […]

What Are The Lies We Believe About Our Spouse?

Culture has taught us that marriage should be perfect. You meet the perfect person, have the perfect wedding, and then go on to live the ideal life. However, this idea of “happily ever after” does not exist. Most of the time, it is because of lies. What are the lies we believe about our spouse […]

Emotional Flooding: What Does It Mean In A Relationship?

There is something that can happen with emotions that most people can understand but do not have a word for. It is often the result of one partner escalating a confrontation while the other slides back into themselves, growing more and more unresponsive as the fight continues. Many people are unaware that this happens until […]

How Do I Overcome The Embarrassment Of My Cheating Spouse

Betrayal is a bit of a whirlwind when you think about it. One moment, you think things are going well between you and your spouse. Next, you are devastated by the news that they cheated on you. Anger, grief, and pain assail you from all sides. Then you are hit with something else: shame. You […]

How To Stop Emotional Flooding When Having Hard Conversations

When you and your partner are having an argument, does it seem like the floodgates open? Relationships can be challenging, and there will always be some kind of conflict. However, when those arguments tend to escalate to the point of overwhelm, it can be hard to resolve any issues. This is known as emotional flooding, […]

What Hurt Partners Need Most In Affair Recovery

The aftermath of infidelity is a road full of potholes. Navigating the obstacles and coming out on the opposite side healed might seem impossible. It helps to know what hurt partners need most in affair recovery. After all, they are the ones who have been waylaid by the betrayal and the hurt that followed. If […]

Should I Be Understanding If My Spouse Mourns The Affair?

Affairs are full of grief. You grieve the betrayal, the condition of your marriage, and the loss of trust. But what about the partner who had the affair? Should you be understanding if your spouse is mourning the affair and the loss of it? Despite the anger you may feel towards them for being unfaithful, […]

What Are The Things That Destroy a Marriage?

Even the most solid of unions can have cracks. Some of those cracks can widen until the bridge that connects the two of you crumbles. You can protect your marriage from decaying by understanding the habits and things that chip away at the foundation of your relationship. If you notice that any of the destructive […]

What Is Trauma Bonding?

Have you noticed that there is something off about your relationship but you can’t put your finger on it? Do you find yourself coming back to your partner, even when those red flags are waving right in front of your face? You may have once wondered why people struggle to leave difficult relationships. Now you […]