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Frustrated With How Your Spouse Shows Up In Your Business?


I Get It, Sometimes The Way Your Spouse Goes About Getting Tasks Done Can Get Under Your Skin!

  Let me explain.

 You’ve heard the term opposites attract. And you’ve probably seen it play out repeatedly in your own life. Chances are, you’re married to an opposite. For example, you’re a quick start person, but your spouse is careful and meticulous about the decisions they make. Or, if you’re a free-spirited person and your spouse is a structured task-oriented type. Your differences were probably the very thing that caught your attention, and now it’s driving you crazy in the day-to-day of your business!

 Am I hitting close to home? 

 Hasani and I have some pretty cool dynamics in our business partnership. One of them is the quick-fire/ slow and considerate dichotomy we have going on between us. When we come up with new ideas, I get either a good or bad vibe. If it makes sense, I’m ready to go! I get this confidence, I know how to execute it, and I want to get started-pronto! 

 I mean, what are we waiting for, let’s dive in! Not so fast! 

 Hasani is a researcher type, so before we pull the trigger, he wants to check out the stats, see how it worked out for others, and do his due diligence as he carefully moves towards a decision. 

Who can fault the guy for that? 

If there are any red flags or cautions up the read that we need to know about, Hasani will find them! And here’s the coolest part, when it’s all said and done; we usually land in perfect agreement about what our next move will be anyway. The only difference is that we arrived there by taking two different and very individual paths. Neither path was wrong, and both had a significant role to play in the process. I motivate, paint a picture of the possibilities, and bring in a new perspective. Hasani calculates, measures, and looks for signs of danger. What if we disregarded each other, and decided to do everything our way? It could be disastrous! Without me, Hasani may be aiming at the target way too long and miss incredible opportunities. Without him, I could be firing way too early or in the wrong direction, causing us to miss the mark entirely. Together, we accomplish incredible things! 

Do you see the big picture here?

 If you put it all into perspective, maybe your spouse isn’t so annoying after all. Perhaps, they are a gift assigned to help you accomplish your highest potential. With that in mind, I want to share a few tips to help you get through your workday with a little more peace, harmony, and patience as you allow your spouse to flow in their genius.

 Warning: It’s going to take you giving up a little control! But you’ve come so far, don’t stop reading now.

  1.  Start with gratitude: Acknowledge the positive outcomes of your spouse’s contributions in the past. Recognize the fact that though they may approach things differently, ultimately you both end at the same finish line.
  2. Get crystal clear on your shared goals: This isn’t a competition of wit, style, or skill. It’s an alliance, and you are partnering to gain the support you both need to reach a common goal. Don’t forget that.
  3. Stay in your lane: Many entrepreneurial couples have discovered that it’s easier to distribute responsibilities to each other and trust that it will get done without concerning themselves with the how. If you were involved in your spouse’s project, you’d probably want to intervene and do it your way. That can cause a lot of frustration between you. Recognize that there is more than one way to skin a cat and give your spouse the freedom to express themselves.
  4. Zone in on the projects you own: Entrepreneurial couples usually have a never-ending list of tasks to complete. So put your blinders on and focus on your tasks only. I promise, once you get busy crushing your tasks list, you’ll be less concerned with how something gets done by your spouse.
  5. Unplug: More than any other business partnership, the entrepreneurial couple must find time to nurture the marital relationship to keep communication and intimacy alive. If there is a thriving loving marriage at the core of the business partnership, you’ll quickly recognize the value of the fantastic person with which you share life and business.


So, the next time you want to side-eye your partner because they’re doing what they do. Remember, they’re the yin to your yang, and you didn’t make it this far without them.