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For two decades, we have helped people all over the world save their marriages and relationships, whether they were seeking to recover from infidelity, financial betrayal, conflict resolution, marital sex issues, and problems in communication. 

If your spouse won’t attend the Private Marriage Intensive with you, we have something special JUST FOR YOU.

The Private Solo Intensive is the same as our live 3-Day Private Marriage Intensive but it will be custom-tailored to you as the solo spouse. You will receive the same experience and content within live sessions where you will have many interactive experiences and opportunities to get all of your questions answered. 

The Total Investment For The Solo Intensive Is $9,750

[CoronaVirus] Virtual Solo Intensive for: $8,750


It is not uncommon for one spouse to be ready to move forward with the process of reconciliation while the other spouse is not yet ready. When this happens, hope is not lost. A crucial component of every marriage recovery is the work that each spouse must do individually. If your spouse is not yet ready to obtain counseling with you or you have a desire to work on your concerns individually, a Solo Intensive will provide the tools and support you need to get you solidly on the road to recovery. Instead of taking months or even years to figure things out on your own or dig through the past in counseling, our team will take a laser-sharp approach to get to the heart of the matter and provide you with a custom plan.

With our Solo Marriage Intensive, we provide a safe, non-judgmental, and nurturing environment where you will discover that you are not alone in your struggles, begin a robust and effective plan for self-development, and receive tools and proven strategies to turn your marriage around with daily application when you return home.


Here is what you can expect from your Solo Marriage Intensive:



We spend three days together and those three days are equivalent to 8 months of counseling. We will spend about 10-12 hours a day together engaged in coaching sessions and experiential learning. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s very comprehensive deep-dive intensive work that is designed to produce transformation. 

The Setting You Deserve

With its comfortable accommodations, our home is the perfect place to host your recovery.

Retreat Amenities

Private Solo Intensive guests are granted the following amenities at no additional cost. It is merely a recognition we bestow on our guests.

Butler Service

We are proud to present to you pre-arrival butler service. Simply send us a list of things you would like in your room upon your arrival. (Some restrictions apply).

Preferred Restaurant Reservations

This exclusive service allows you to select the restaurant of your choice for dinner. (Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance).

Preferred Spa Services

Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate. Take advantage of our massage and body treatments offered at our Eden Spa Relaxation Center. Prepare your mind and body for the intense work.

Fitness Center by Eden

Keep your fitness routine right on schedule during your stay with our free weights, strength training stations, and elliptical & spinning equipment.

Eden Water Springs

The property is a paradise for those who love spending time poolside. It boasts a gorgeous 12-foot pool with a jacuzzi hot tub, slide and waterfall.

Recreation & Fun Zone

Take a break from all the work and clear your heart and mind with an appropriate dose of fun and relaxation. We offer a pool table, air hockey, Ms. Pacman, foosball table, etc.

Michael and Amanda May

Fort. Lauderdale, Florida

Dr. Charles and Tiana Rogers

Salt Lake City, Utah

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

We provide the same content and tools as the Couples Intensive, however, the information and the coaching is tailored specifically for you and we are focused on your concerns. 

If one or more of the following statements apply to you, we recommend that you consider the Intensive.

  • I often feel angry, resentful, embarrassed or depressed.
  • My partner and I are unemotional and disconnected from each other.
  • My partner and I experience the constant threat of divorce.
  • The pain of infidelity has struck our relationship.
  • We are in constant conflict regarding both major and minor issues.
  • There are major trust issues in our marriage that we cannot overcome.
  • We have lost our physical intimacy in the marriage.
  • My partner and I have grown apart and share very little in common.
  • Our confrontations have gotten physical and I no longer feel safe.
  • I’ve lost my identity and the ability to truly express myself in the relationship.
  • There are inappropriate relationships that are maintained with opposite-sex friends that put the marriage at risk.
  • We have major conflict over finances.
  • I see myself passing my own suffering on to my children.

The Solo Marriage Intensive is conducted as a 3-day comprehensive program. The days are full and structured with coaching sessions, times of reflection (structured assignments are given), and ample time for meals. We strongly recommend that you spend the two days following the Intensive as time for personal reflection and implementation. Please review our 3-Day Intensive Itinerary

Hasani Pettiford is the primary coach. He provides instruction and personalized individual guidance to ensure that you progress successfully through the Intensive and learn tools for ongoing development. Danielle provides counsel and instruction as well during particular portions of the intensive. We combine the best of our tools to support your individual and relational journey, which are crucial to the work. Because we take a customized approach to each person, there may be times when members of our practitioner team will work with you based on a specific need. 

It is highly recommended to be as casual as possible. Bring comfortable clothing for 3 days (jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, work-out clothing, swim gear,  etc.,) Additional equipment that will be helpful are tablets and laptops. If there are particular food items/snacks that you like, feel free to stock the kitchen as desired.

Couples Academy offers three (3) payment options. Option #1: Paid in Full upon booking. Option #2: Half (50%) down and the balance due at the start of the intensive. Option #3: Half (50%) down and the balance due within 60 days of the initial deposit.

There are two options when considering the location of your private marriage intensive. A) Couples can travel to our retreat center in Milton, Georgia. It’s part of the greater Atlanta area. The retreat center is an extra-large studio suite bedroom home. The entire bottom floor of the residence is a closed-off retreat area replete with a queen-size bedroom, full bathroom, spacious living room, full kitchen, gym, game room, and lounge area. Sessions will take place in different areas of the home including: the office, the zen den, and the retreat living room.  B) If travel costs, work schedules or child-care issues prevent you from traveling to Atlanta, a Couples Academy coach will travel to your home state to conduct the intensive. A hotel will be secured in close proximity of your home for an easy and fast commute.The cost of the travel expenses (which covers the cost of flight and ground transportation) will be added to your final bill. Lodging will be paid for by Couples Academy. All sessions are held in the suite area of the hotel room.

Once you secure a date, you will be provided with all of the necessary paperwork to get started. Once complete, we will schedule a 90-minute Pre-Intensive video session. The virtual meeting will provide an opportunity for you and your coach to discuss specific relationship issues and set goals and objectives for the 3-day Intensive.

After the Intensive, you will receive 14-days of complimentary Crisis Coaching. Once you return home you may need help properly implementing the information you received. The two-week adjustment period allows you to contact your coach via phone, text, email and video on an ‘as-needed’ basis. You have the ability to ask any question and deal with any issue. Once the two weeks have concluded, it is frequently necessary for individuals to continue their work with a coach/counselor on an ongoing basis in order to consolidate the gains they have made during the Private Solo Marriage Intensive weekend. You will receive an aftercare follow-up session. Most individuals continue their recovery process by enrolling in our one-year Recovery program.