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Have You Ever Heard Our Peanut Butter & Jelly Story?


Maybe you can relate to this story…

After I got the girls off to school today, I went to one of my favorite places. I call it the Zen Den and for me, it’s the most tranquil little nook in our home. The walls are a cool seafoam, the couch and chairs are laden with cushy pillows, and there’s this panoramic view of our private backyard that shows off the most beautiful evergreens and oak trees.

I snagged a picture of this cozy space so you can vibe with me here…


When I sit down in this room, there’s such a peace that comes over me and suddenly, all of my genius juice begins to percolate.

So, as I was sitting in there and talking to God today, I said out loud, “How did we get here?” Our path has been laden with so many obstacles. Yet somehow, we were able to stay the course when so many others that started with us couldn’t or didn’t.

Asking myself this question jogged a very fond memory I have of Hasani and me in the very beginning before all the trials of life had smacked us upside the head. One day while we were vision casting about the future and how to become internationally known, we committed to each other that no matter what, we were going to build an empire that would impact the world. Even if it cost us everything and all we could afford to eat was peanut butter and jelly, we’d do it!

It was our peanut butter and jelly sandwich pact!

Ha! I guess we thought things would have to be pretty bad if all we could eat was PB&J!

We both saw the gifts in each other. We were a perfect team and although we didn’t know where our gifts would take us, we knew that we needed each other to get there. And if we could somehow avoid the typical landmines that destroy a relationship, we’d be unstoppable.

It has been almost 15 years since those days and I can tell you this.

There were many storms, trail after trail, and we still kept pressing forward. There were times when there just wasn’t enough income. We were robbing Peter to pay Paul and sometimes spending our last just to get a pack of pampers for the babies to share. When that didn’t stop us our marriage was under attack and at some point, we were even considering calling it quits.

So, as I was sitting there reflecting on those years. I hear this, echoing in my spirit…

“The grace of God allowed you to become overcomers.”

That’s the reason we kept getting up every time we got knocked down. It’s the reason why we fought to save our marriage when we didn’t even like each other at the time. Yes, there were many days when we had to eat our words and make toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a cool glass of milk for dinner, (We tried to make it fancy by toasting it). All the while looking deeply into each other’s eyes with fierce tenacity and ferocious intensity – committed never to quit!

Do you have that same tenacity and intention regarding the things you’d like to accomplish? Have you made an unshakable commitment that no matter what; you’re going to see it through? For better, for worse, for richer, and poorer? When you do, everything has to move out of your way to make room for your big idea. Hasani and I have discovered that most people are stopped before they start by false evidence that appears to be real. It comes in the form of memories of previous failures, the opinions of others, lack of knowledge or confidence, and many more. However, when you realized that you are under the grace of God and that your steps are truly ordered by Him, you can accomplish the seemingly impossible. One of the most powerful forces in the universe is the agreement between a husband and a wife that are under the grace of God!

\We are still partnering in passion and profit and we have learned a lifetime of lessons throughout the years. Today we are the proud owners of Couples Academy, a relationship-based learning institute focused on placing couples on the path to fulfillment. We serve clients throughout the US and internationally in 11 countries. We’ve come a long way since our peanut butter and jelly days, although I must admit that I still enjoy a great PB&J with a cool glass of Almond milk!


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