Will The Partner Who Cheated Once Cheat Again?

Will The Partner Who Cheated Once Cheat Again?

Based on convention, you may have been led to believe that those you cheat once are bound to do so again. This also means that if you take a cheater back, you are only setting yourself up for more pain. So why would anyone stay in a relationship like that? Well, leaving is not easy, […]

How To Be Accountable After An Affair

The mistake of an affair is a stain on your relationship. It is unfortunate that you cannot simply apologize and move on. Instead, you have to deal with the guilt that comes from having hurt your partner in such a way. Now it is important to reconcile, but how do you do that? How do […]

How To Show Your Spouse You Love Them After An Affair

Though mistakes happen all the time in relationships, affairs are one of the most challenging to resolve. Now, you have committed that grave mistake—you cheated on your spouse. Having betrayed the trust of your partner, you are now wondering how to rebuild a connection between the two of you. Let it be said that restoring […]

How To Forgive And Heal When Your Partner Cheats

Is the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater” true? Anyone who has been betrayed by their partner is going to receive a lot of advice—some good, some terrible. For instance, you might hear that cheaters aren’t worth your time. You may have realized by now that saying goodbye after you have been cheated on […]

10 Signs You Need to See a Marriage Counselor

Since getting married or into a relationship, you may have realized that it’s not like the fairy tales where things are happily ever after. No, it’s more like “happily with struggle.” Any kind of relationship requires effort to build up and make stronger, which is why some relationships fall apart—you neither have the tools nor […]

How To Make A Relationship Stronger After Cheating

Cheating doesn’t have to mean divorce. There, it’s been said. Yes, cheating is bad, and the reasons for why it happens are also bad. The outcome, however, doesn’t have to be. While it might sound a little crazy right now while you are trying to heal from infidelity, there is a chance that your relationship […]

Is It Possible To Forgive A Long-Term Ongoing Infidelity?

Long-term affairs are infinitely harder to forgive and forget than a one-night stand. No matter how you frame it in your mind, a long-term affair is a real relationship built by two people. So it is understandable that there is no limit to the amount of hurt and betrayal you feel when finding out your […]

Coping With The Residual Effects of an Affair

Affairs are a sudden and shocking death of trust in a relationship. For those who find out their partner had an affair, betraying their love, forgiving and forgetting that it happened is no simple matter. Depending on the closeness of the relationship and what caused the affair, you can expect there to be grief, trauma, […]

How Has Your Parents Infidelity Affected Your Relationships?

Having an affair devastates more than your partner, it hurts the children, too. What happens when those children from families where one parent committed infidelity grow up and have relationships of their own? Turns out that the impact of infidelity can be either good or bad for children, depending on how the affair was handled. […]

If I’m Married And Having An Affair, Should I Feel Guilty?

Most of the time when someone has had an affair, you hear the phrase, “I don’t even know why it happened. I feel so guilty.” Many people stumble into cheating on their spouse because something was missing from their marriage. Yet, once that need is met, the guilt plagues them. But what happens when you […]