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Are You In A Time-Starved Marriage?

Time. It’s the one commodity on the planet that we can’t substitute or reproduce. Whether you’re an early riser or you tend to sleep late when the clock strikes twelve, a new day begins. It’s up to each of us how we will invest our time to reap the benefits. When we don’t know how […]

Frustrated With How Your Spouse Shows Up In Your Business?

I Get It, Sometimes The Way Your Spouse Goes About Getting Tasks Done Can Get Under Your Skin!   Let me explain.  You’ve heard the term opposites attract. And you’ve probably seen it play out repeatedly in your own life. Chances are, you’re married to an opposite. For example, you’re a quick start person, but your […]

Have You Ever Heard Our Peanut Butter & Jelly Story?

Maybe you can relate to this story… After I got the girls off to school today, I went to one of my favorite places. I call it the Zen Den and for me, it’s the most tranquil little nook in our home. The walls are a cool seafoam, the couch and chairs are laden with […]

It’s A Thin Line Between Privacy & Secrecy

Secrecy is the number one organizing principle of an affair. However, secrets aren’t all fun and games. They fuel the lies, the denial, the deception, and all of the elaborate strategies that go into a cover-up. While most spouses are put off by their spouse’s secrecy, some become unwilling participants in it. Afraid to let […]

Hasani Pettiford Hosts New Series Little Women LA: Couples Retreat

The Little Women LA: Couples Retreat series is a ‘necessary good’ that has been missing from television for quite some time and is finally upon us. As a Marriage Coach and Infidelity Recovery Specialist, I am very selective with what projects I align myself with. I want to ensure that a positive and penetrating message […]

4 Types Of Adultery You Must Know

Ever since Clinton’s famous, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” statement I have noticed numerous articles and books debating on what actually constitutes an affair. Is it only classified as an affair if a spouse has intercourse with a person outside of the marriage? Does oral sex “count”? How about fondling? Or […]