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Divorce Statistics

Due to the fact that different statistics can depict different scenarios, people come to many different conclusions on the divorce rates in the United States.

Divorce Statistics In 2022

  • There are 16.9 divorces for every 1000 married women today. Many analysts believe that compared to the crude rate, this indicator represents the genuine divorce rate far more accurately. (
  • The United States’ divorce rate that year was 2.7 per 1,000 people (with 44 states and D.C. reporting) The so-called “crude divorce rate” is this. The crude divorce rate does not give reliable information on the proportion of first marriages that result in divorce, despite being useful for characterizing variations in divorce rates over time.
  • For every 1000 married women, there are 16.9 divorces nowadays. Compared to the crude rate, many experts believe that this indicator represents the genuine divorce rate far better.
  • In the United States, almost half of all marriages will result in divorce or separation.
Marriage & Divorce Rate (1)
  • The first trend to look out for in 2022 when examining divorce rate figures has to do with how individuals are residing.
  • Only 50% of all adults are estimated to live with a spouse in 2021, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s annual America’s Families and Living Arrangements survey[i]. This represents a 2% drop from the previous ten years (it was 52% in 2011). (
  • Cohabitation rates for unmarried parents will continue to rise above the current rate of 35%. 
  • Marriage rate will continue to fall below the current rate of 6.1 per 1,000. Divorce rate will continue to fall below the current rate of 2.7 per 1,000. (
Living Arrangements Over The Decades
  • According to the Institute for Family Studies (IFS), only 14.9 marriages in 1,000 ended in divorce in the United States in 2019, a record low. Even lower than in 1970, when 15 marriages for every 1,000 marriages resulted in divorce, the rate was the lowest in 50 years. (
  • The current divorce rate is only 2.3 per 1,000 people, according to the CDC. However, only 45 states and the District of Columbia provided sufficient data for this national analysis to take into account. (
  • In 2022, approximately 50% of all marriages will end in divorce.
  • Subsequent marriages have an even higher chance of ending up in divorce, with 60 and 73% of second and third marriages ending up in divorce respectively.

Average Age Of Couples Going Through Divorce

  • For adults aged 25 to 39, the national divorce rate is 24 per 1,000 people.
  • In adults between the ages of 40 and 49, it is 21 per 1,000 people. In comparison, there are 10 divorces for every 1,000 people in the 50+ age group.
  • For individuals who married before turning 18, the rate of divorce after ten years is 48%.
  • However, the rate is just 25% for those who marry after the age of 25. For people who marry between the ages of 20-25, there is a 44%-60% chance of the union ending in divorce.

Divorce, Child Support & Child Custody

Child Support

  • Your adjusted gross income, which is your gross income minus deductions like taxes, will be compared in court. This figure will then be multiplied by the guideline % for the number of children you will have to support.
  • If you earn $15,000 per year and have one child for whom you are responsible for providing financial support, you will be required to pay 17% of your income. This would translate into $2,550 each year, or $215.50 every month.
  • Based on the most recent data from the 2010 Census, the Census Bureau reports that the average monthly child support payment in the USA is currently $430 dollars.
  • The statistics on child support for single mothers show that 46.4% of them receive full support, 24.9% receive partial support, and 28.7% receive none at all.
  • According to data on child support paid by single fathers, 43.1% of these children receive full support, 18.5% receive partial support, and 38.4% receive none at all.
  • Child care costs $10,174 per year or 35% of a single parent’s income. (


Child Custody

  • 4 out of every 5 mothers received custody in 2017, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • Decisions regarding child custody are made in about 29% of cases without the assistance of mediators or judges. (
  • Both parents concur that the mother should continue to have primary custody of the kid in just over half (51%) of all child custody cases.
  • According to statistics on child custody, each state in America strives to give each parent 50/50 time with the child.
  • In 2017, 21.1% of White Children Were Living with A Custodial Parent.
  • In 2017, 48.8% of Black Children (african American) Were Living with A Custodial Parent.
  • In 2017, 28.7% of Hispanic Children Were Living with A Custodial Parent.
  • In 2017, Children of All Other Races Accounted for 13.6% of All Children Living with A Custodial Parent.

The Financial Effects Of Divorce 

  • A quick, two-day trial will cost couples $25,000 in court costs. (
  • Divorce costs, on average, $12,900 overall, with a median cost of $7,500. (
  • An uncontested divorce typically costs $4,100. (
  • Before the divorce, middle-class families with children saw their income decline by up to 50%. (
  • Compared to 17% of recently divorced males, 27% of women had an annual household income of less than $25,000. (
  • Children and divorced women make up 60% of those living below the poverty line. (
  • Divorced women over 50 saw a 45% decline in their level of living. (
  • In one US Government Accountability Office research, it was discovered that men’s family income only decreased by 23% after being divorced after turning 50. (
  • Children’s future average wealth decreases by 46%. (
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The Tole A Divorce Takes

  • 30.1% of divorced kids are in poverty.
  • Daughters are 60% more likely than sons to get divorced. (
  • Sons are 35% more likely to get divorced. (
  • If a friend has recently divorced, people are 75% more likely to do the same. (
  • About 30% of the time, a child who lives with both parents will receive largely A’s on their tests.
  • 9% of kids are raised by a single parent exclusively. (
Statistics 2
  • Divorced (or widowed) individuals are 20% more likely to experience chronic health conditions including diabetes, cancer, digestive or metabolic difficulties than non-divorced individuals. (
  • Remarried persons do a little bit better, but they still have 12% more chronic illnesses and 19% more mobility issues than married people who never divorced. (
  • According to research from Duke University, the risk of heart attack increases by 24% following a first divorce, but by 77% following a second divorce or more. (
Divorce Rate

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