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Infidelity Statistics

Have you ever wondered about the statistics of infidelity or just how much cheating is actually happening? Here are the most recent statistics for infidelity.

Who Cheats More Statistics. Men or Women?

The likelihood of men cheating is generally higher than that of women: Recent statistics from the General Social Survey revealed that 20% of men and 13% of women reported having sex with someone other than their spouse while married (GSS)

  • Women are slightly more likely than men to commit infidelity among ever-married people between the ages of 18 and 29 (11% vs. 10%).
  • Adultery rates increase during the middle ages for both men and women. This gap quickly closes and expands among those 30 to 34 years old as people get older.
  • The rate of adultery is highest among women in their 60s (16%), but it declines significantly among those in their 70s and 80s. Comparatively, the highest rate of infidelity is found among men in their 70s (26%), and it is still prevalent in men 80 and beyond (24%).
Gender Cheating Gap

Men have historically been more likely than women to commit adultery, according to trend data going back to the 1990s. (

  • In the past, older men were no more likely to commit adultery than their younger counterparts. Infidelity rates peaked in the 1990s among men and women between the ages of 40 and 49 (18%) and 50 to 59 (31%).
  • The highest rates of infidelity increased between 2000 and 2009, with men aged 60 to 69 (29%) and women aged 50 to 59 (17%).
  • In the meantime, during the course of 20 years, the gender difference at that age rose from 5% to 12%.

Admitting To Cheating

  • According to research, the average American tells a falsehood one to two times each day. In fact, one study discovered that 60% of participants couldn’t go even 10 minutes without telling a lie. (
  • 13% of married women and 20% of married males have cheated on their partners. (
Cheating Chart
  • 93% of the 65% of respondents who said they had sex with someone else said they actually did. (
  • Only 73% of those who acknowledged kissing someone else did so openly; people were more forthright about having sex with someone else.(
  • 69 percent of marriages break up as a result of an affair being discovered
  • Statistics show that 56% of men and 34% of women who commit infidelity rate their marriages as happy or very happy. This makes the reason people cheat a little harder to dissect and comprehend.
  • According to numerous research, most relationships are short-lived. 25% of relationships end after a week, 60% only last for six months, and 10% persist for over six months.

  • Giving a dishonest lady or man another chance may seem alluring, but the statistics indicate that they are considerably more likely to commit the same act once more. (

  • In actuality, cheaters are 350% more likely to commit fraud than those who have never cheated. (
  • 2% of children are the result of affairs.
  • 3% marry the lovers they had the affair with.
  • 50-60% of married men engage in extramarital sex at some time during their relationships.
  • 80% of people become addicted to online affairs.
  • 75% of divorces in which cheating is a factor.
  • 25% of Affairs lasting less than a week.
  • 98% of men have frequent fantasies about someone other than their partner, but it’s not just men.
  • 80% of women do it too.
  • 65% of affairs ended within the first six months.
  • 57% of people have used the internet to flirt.
  • 42% of women who admitted to cheating on a large poll said they are blond, 23% were redheads, 20% for brown, and 11% for black. (
Cheating Chart (1)

Predicting Infidelity

The iFidelity findings imply that men are more likely to report ever having had an extramarital affair, as with almost all studies of such relationships.

  • In the poll, 20% of males who had never been married and 10% of women who had never been married admitted to having an affair in the past. (
Gender & Cheating in America

Infidelity In The Time Of COVID-19

  • Infidelity occurs in approximately 25% of marriages and is associated with various negative consequences for individuals (e.g., depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress), the couple relationship (e.g., financial loss, increased conflict, and aggression), and the couple’s children (e.g., internalizing and externalizing behaviors). (
  • According to a poll, 69% of workers said the current pandemic was the most stressful period of their careers. 
  • Findings indicate that 20% of respondents have spoken to an ex-spouse at some point during the pandemic, with about half saying they have done so more than once.
  • About 25% of participants said they had received contact from an ex-partner, and the majority of them said they had responded. About 13% of people in committed relationships reported reaching out to an ex-partner during the pandemic.

Cheaters On Cheating 

Have you ever crossed a boundary with someone you shouldn’t have or have you ever stopped yourself before doing so?

  • As it turns out, the likelihood of adultery rises by as much as 25% over a partnership. And as many as 60% of people will cheat at some point while they are married. (
  • Between 60 and 68 percent of European and American men and women admitted to cheating just once, whereas 32 to 40 percent admitted to having more frequent affairs. European males and American women are the most prone to deceive frequently. (
  • 20% of straight women and 10% of straight men who are in heterosexual marriages have expressed romantic or sexual interest in someone of the same sex.
  • The journal of Evolutionary Psychology reported that 2.9% of respondents were equally interested in either sex and 13.7% of those polled were open to the concept of having a same-sex relationship. (
  • 33% of men stated that it wouldn’t be a deal-breaker if their wives cheated on them with a woman, and 76% said they’d prefer it if they cheated with a woman than a male.
  • Only 22% of women say it would be acceptable for their husbands to cheat on them with a man, and 62% would rather their husbands cheat on them with a woman than a man.(
Repeated Offender
  • Over 81 percent of European males and 86 percent of European women consider themselves unfaithful.
  • Even going out with a friend, in the opinion of 44% of American women, counts as cheating.
  • The most frequent justification for infidelity among women in Europe and America was a careless partner.
  • American women were also more inclined to cheat with someone who helped them out or with someone they thought was “attractive.”
  • 43.7 percent of cheating women and 22.2 percent of cheating men have cheated on their spouse with someone they both know.
  •  72.1 percent of cheated males cheated in a one-night stand, while only 53.1 percent of cheating women cheated by having a one-night stand.
  • 53.1 percent of cheating women have cheated on their husband more than once; 66.9 percent of cheating men have cheated on their wife more than once.
  • 40 percent of cheating females and 30.5 percent of cheating males have engaged in cybersex with someone other than their spouse.
  • 34.6 percent of cheating females and 25.9 percent of cheating males did so because they were bored with their sex life.
  • 73.7 percent of cheating females and 48.1 percent of cheating males were motivated to be unfaithful due to problems in their relationship
  • 49.8 percent of cheating females and 19.8 percent of cheating males thought about splitting up because of the affair
  • 30.3 percent of cheating females and 15.2 percent of cheating males did so to get even with their partner
  • 47.8 percent of cheating females and 39 percent of cheating males were caught by their significant other.
Why People Cheat
  • Stunningly, 71 percent stated they would take it back if they could, compared to just 58 percent of American women and 56 to 59 percent of Europeans.

American men were the most likely to be discovered, with nearly 22% reporting that their partner did. European women were the least likely to have their affairs discovered; only about 11% stated their partners were informed.

Statistics On Second Marriage From Affairs

It can be difficult to determine the proportion of affairs that occurred while one spouse was still married. The odds of having an affair and getting married are not good. To be fair, regardless of why the first marriage failed, the majority of second and third marriages fail.

  • Dr. Jan Halper noted that just 3% of men who had extramarital affairs actually wed their mistresses in her book on successful men.
  • The divorce rate for men who marry their paramours is as high as 75%, according to renowned marriage counselor Frank Pittman.
  • It was discovered that most affairs are brief and don’t last past the “falling-in-love” stage in an overview of infidelity study by the Zur Institute.

Affair Statistics For Unmarried Couples

Statistics on cheating between unmarried couples are significantly harder to get than those between married couples. However, studies show that the rate of adultery among singles is about twice that of married people.

  • According to biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, 60% of unmarried males admit to wooing people away from existing relationships in order to be with them.
  • About 53% of single women report having attempted to persuade someone to end a serious relationship for them.
  • Infidelity was practiced by 44% of people (men and women), according to a 2018 research on single men and women.

Statistics On The Reasons For Infidelity In Relationships

Studies have shown that financial instability might contribute to adulterous behavior, despite the fact that there are many different elements in any relationship that could cause a spouse or partner to cheat.

  • According to the American Sociological Association (ASA), 15% of men who are financially dependent on their spouses will cheat.
  • According to the ASA, young men are more likely to cheat if there is a financial earning disparity, whereas men are least likely to cheat if they earn at least 70% of the household income.
  • The higher a woman’s earning potential, the less likely she is to commit adultery.
    Married women are approximately 25% more likely than men to admit to cheating due to marital problems. (

Infidelity FAQ

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