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Understanding Infidelity

A Complete Resource To Understanding Infidelity Let’s talk about something that is surprising—and sadly—common throughout the world. Most people know about infidelity and may even have unfaithfulness in your own relationship. Too often, infidelity causes upheaval in relationships and marriages, bringing about divorce. However, with the right tools and therapy, couples can heal from infidelity […]

What’s Emotional Cheating? Signs of Emotional Affairs

When you hear about someone cheating or having an affair, you often believe that someone cheated sexually. However, there is more than one form of infidelity out there. Did you know that emotional infidelity is also common? Cheating on someone is not always a physical encounter. It can also be a complex tangle of emotions […]

What Can A Cheater Do To Regain Trust?

There is no easy way to overcome infidelity. Of healing the hurts that have been opened up because of one person’s actions. Infidelity can leave both partners feeling like they are teetered over the edge of a cliff. There is a lot of uncertainty going on, but if you want to save the relationship, much […]

What Is The Main Cause Of Infidelity In Marriage?

Infidelity is chaotic and hurtful. Relationships fall apart and marriages are thrown into upheaval. Why do people do it then? What is the main cause of infidelity in marriage? Such questions have led to research and more questions. Unfortunately, no one can say for certain what will make someone unfaithful. Infidelity, at its core, can […]

What Are Reasons A Happily Married Person Would Cheat?

The general assumption about people who cheat is that they are unhappy in some way. That there is some kind of issue within their relationship or marriage. We are also tempted to say that there was something wrong with the cheater, such as emotional immaturity. But what about those marriages where everything was going so […]

Why Do People Cheat On The Ones They Love?

Why would someone cheat on a person they love? The answer is not simple. Love is intricate. It’s a crazy, winding road, and the way one person loves is quite different from the next. However, when it comes to cheating and other forms of infidelity, you may start to wonder if love even exists. Yes, […]

Should You Divorce A Cheater?

You just found out that your spouse has cheated. You feel broken. Shattered. Your marriage has been stepped on and smeared. Because of this act, you wonder if your marriage is over. But should you divorce a cheater? You may feel conflicted right now about the next step to take. Take a look at your […]

What Is The Number One Cause Of Divorce?

Divorce is a bit of a sobering topic. According to the CDC, there are around 827,000 divorces each year in the US. That amounts to 68,916 divorces each month, or 2,265 divorces a day. In order to prevent it from happening, though, it is important to know why divorces happen. What is the number one […]

Can You Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating In A Marriage?

One day the dynamic just feels off. You can’t really put a finger on it, and maybe your relationship does not look much different on the outside, but you can tell. You feel your suspicions in your gut. That said, can you tell if your partner is cheating in a marriage? It’s important to gather […]

Is It True That Once A Cheater Always A Cheater?

We have all heard the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater.” The phrase has been repeated for many decades; now people think it’s the truth. There are definitely habitual or serial cheaters out there who jump from person to person, but that is not applicable to every person or relationship. More often, there are […]